Crash Bandicoot on Android and how you can install it on your mobile

 One of the best video games, Cash bandicoot after being the monopoly of the Playstation, You can now play it on your Android phone, yes that is the truth, and you can also play it without losing anything, your play for it will be open and you will never feel bored.
Having King behind this Crash Bandicoot for mobile raises certain doubts, not in vain the company has forced its Candy Crush franchise to exhaustion. And just after starting this new game one is transferred to the times of PlayStation: the 3D environment is similar, Crash maintains the animations, the soundtrack has not changed and, in general, the gaming experience is maintained at an excellent level .

Characters and classic music, new plot, many levels to discover and objects to collect: King has achieved a game that, without straying too far from the original, does adapt to what we are used to on mobile. And we found it a good title, at least in this first meeting; no matter how much you can see the pressure of the purchases and the waiting for certain actions to be completed. We'll see if Crash Bandicoot Mobile maintains the charm when King releases it globally.

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